Jul 16
mastery on the field of combat

‚Äčtaken from an FB converstaion

To those questing for an accolade, I present to you this snippet of a conversation.

 Knight: If you want to be a knight you must beat knights in combat.

 Squire: I beat you in practice all the time, does that make me a knight?

Knight: No. At practice it's a teaching environment, not a tourney or melee environment.

Squire: but I still beat you.

Knight: With nothing meaningful on the line. Tell you what, let's fight we make a wager. If I defeat you, you have to give me your lands, your family, your livelihood.

Squire: That's insane I wouldn't make that wager...

Knight: then you'll never know what it's like to fight when something is on the line. Practice is only the honing of skills, the learning of technique. To hang your thoughts of prowess on that means little.

Squire: what if I beat you.

Knight: You won't.

Jul 14
Practical Research Blog

Task one, figure out how to make the screw top botlle neck....

Starting tonight, I will try to recreate the ....